Non-Toxic Technology

Why is having non-toxic technology important? The human blood stream contains white blood cells, antibodies, antioxidants, etc. Their job is to fight off disease, keep our immune systems strong, and even fight the aging process. Standard antimicrobials, used by 99 percent of all remediation and environmental specialists, contain harmful chemical and organic byproducts. These “free radicals” enter the blood stream, and the white blood cells, antioxidants, etc. that are meant to maintain health are diverted to combat the presence of these poisons, compromising our immune systems and often having long-term effects. GreenPro not only possesses technology that is 100 percent safe, it is also one of the strongest antimicrobial systems known to man.

GreenPro also possesses a non-toxic sealant. After a full remediation, this sealant can be applied to attics, basements, sub floors, or any other unfinished surface. After these treatments, GreenPro will issue a 25-year transferable warranty, awarded to the property itself and vital to the selling process. For any questions on any of our technologies, ask for Tony Breyu, Director of New Technology and VP of Research and Development.