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Mold Remediation | 31 shade ST. Waltham ma 02452 | (617) 943.5323

Pious Kallarackal, May 5th 2015
Ice Damages | 405 Peakham rd | Sudbury MA 01776 | (978) 443.5195

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Ice Damages thru Insurance | 12 Riverview St. Dedham MA 02026 | (617) 590.4055

May 5th 2015
Water Damages entire Basement thru Insurance | 150 Bayswater St. East Boston MA 02128 | (617) 913.3195

Evelyn Daves,  November 2011
Stoughton, MA House remediation
"We had mold in the common areas of the house, the guys did a great job in remediating the mold problem."

Jennifer H.  November 2011
High Bridge, NJ Firehouse mold removal
" I could not have chosen a better company to do the mold removal. Due to flooding in the area we developed mold. For this type of business it was great to find a company that could use a non toxic treatment that really works!"

J. Schneider,   October 2011
Cheshire, CT  House mold removal
" I would recommend green pro to do any of your mold removal. We had mold in our house, even on the ceilings...they removed it all! The service was great!"

Nan Menon,  September 2011
Plainfield, NJ  House
"Our area was hit hard with flooding, and we developed mold in our basement. The guys were great, and did such an outstanding job, we had them do the mold remedition at my place of business as well! Thank you!!"

Steve Bertulli,  October 2011
Hudson, MA Entire house mold removal, including my attic
"I had a problem with mold in my house, and the crawl spaces in the attic. not only did they do a fantastic job, but they were extremely helpful in dealing with my homeowners insurance. Highly recommended!! "

Joe Bayko, October 2011
Lynn, MA  Basement remediation
"I had green pro take care of the mold problem in my basement, the service was exceptional. "

Sandy P.  September 2011
Acton, MA   Basement mold removal
"I had a musty smell coming out of my basement, turned out to be a mold problem, and these guys were so helpful,  knowledgeable, and the service was outstanding!"

Rosetta M.  September 2011
Methuen, MA Attic mold removal
"We had very bad mold in our attic, and it was making us ill, this is the only company that actually would come out on a Sunday to do the job! great work and I got a 25 year transferable warranty."


Yariela Brandoa  September 2011
Watertown, MA  Mold removal in my house
"I really liked that they use a non toxic treatment, price was good, the men were friendly, and the service was great!"

Doug R.  August 2011
Chelmsford, MA  Attic mold remediation
"We had mold in our attic, we chose this company because of their non toxic technology, which is really hard to find when it comes to removing mold. These guys were great, friendly, and did a remarkable job."

Ron S.  July 2011
Burlington,  MA  Basement mold removal
"We had a problem with mold in our basement, loved the non toxic treatment, good price, and thorough work."

James Brown  July 2011
Peabody, MA  Attic mold removal
"I purchased a new home and was then hit with the floods of last march. They were the best price and did a great job. Also very friendly and laid back"

Greg Kemp,  June 2011
Manchester, NH House remediation and basement remediation
"I was pleased to discover that we didn't need to leave the house for an extended period of time-the mold treatment they use is non toxic, and they did a great job!"

Janet S.  June 2011
Westboro, MA   Mold removal in house
" Green Pro is the company to use to get rid of mold in your house! The work was great,  the techs explained each step of the process, and I only had to leave my house for about 2 hours while they did the treatment-(which, I was glad to find out was 100% non toxic). I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who has a mold problem"

David Chase, May 2011
Douglas, MA  Mold removal from attic
"I had alot of mold in  my attic, hired green pro to do the remediation, they did a great job, and they treated the rest of the house for preventative measures at no extra cost to me!"

Catherine S. April 2011
Tyngsboro, MA  Basement remediation
"I chose green pro because they only use a non toxic technology treatments, and they did a wonderful job."

Narendra Pauluri,  March 2011
Northborough, MA  Basement remediation
"The service was great, and we only had to leave the house for two hours while the treatment was being applied. "

Louis Mazzarini   December 2010
Boston, MA Commercial Building
"I own a four story commercial building and two years in a row the sprinkler pipes busted in the winter. They were there fast,  and took care of the problem"

Sabih Mir  June 2010
Watertown, MA  Basement remediation
"I just had a baby and was concerned about the smell. They cleaned the condo and the basement were the mold was coming up from. I would have never have known. They also recommended a great company they work side by side with during the job removing all the mold in the ducts. Great."

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