School Sanitation

Each year, many schools and daycare facilities in Massachusetts close down due to the various outbreaks of influenza strains, bacterial infections, a broad spectrum of viruses, staph, MRSA, and more. There are also many near closings that are not reported to the public. GreenPro knows firsthand of these situations due to our participation in restoring these schools and their air quality to above normal. During Hurricane Katrina and other hurricanes in different states, GreenPro worked with the government to restore many public buildings, as well as multiple low income housing developments, through many local charitable organizations. Through this, GreenPro procured technology not available on the market to other private environmental organizations. This technology is not only the most effective way to destroy all dangerous microbes and particulates, but is the only product that is 100 percent non-toxic. The technology that is used to eradicate these organisms can also be applied to prevention – the prevention of bacterial and viral outbreaks and the prevention of resultant facility closings. Many facilities already have this application in place as standard practice. In 2009, the Fairfax County Correctional Facility in Virginia had the same process applied. Influenza-related illnesses dropped from 163 to four cases.

There is no reason why the same cannot be said about Massachusetts schools. An application every year during summer break will create a shield throughout the entire school building and its heating and air conditioning systems. This barrier will be vital in preventing outbreaks, hopefully reducing the number of influenza-related illnesses to single digits and helping to ensure that schools remain open in Massachusetts. GreenPro will donate a significant amount of its technology to be used by school maintenance departments in their general cleaning procedures. We are hoping to stunt yearly outbreaks and illnesses to a record low.

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