Sanitary Homes

GreenPro is proud to release its new and revolutionary system we like to call Sanitary Homes. Many patients leave the hospital only to enter a home that is filled with a long list of harmful particulates and organisms. Sanitary Homes will decontaminate as it would a hospital, and the technology used has been tested and proven to combat all introduced and indigenous hazards.

•    Hospital-grade disinfection
•    Full home treatments or single bedroom
•    Optional permanent HEPA filtration installation
•    Keeps immune system out of harm and promotes general health
•    Doctor recommended

•    Cancer patients, chemo patients, immune-deficient patients, post-op patients and other susceptible individuals
•    Breathe clean, safe, hospital-grade air
•    Financial aid available

Sanitary Homes kills and protects against viruses, bacteria, infections and influenza strains; destroys all mold; significantly lowers dust levels; kills dust mites; removes pet dander and a large array of dangerous airborne particulates.

HEPA filtration and permanent option

Sanitary Homes will install a HEPA filtration system during decontamination. For individuals that may need it, a permanent option is available. (Pricing may vary) Once the bedroom or selected area is sealed air tight, our HEPA filtration system will decontaminate the area. Sanitary Homes also offers a small, quiet filtration system that can be permanently installed or even rented for long periods of time (financial aid is available).

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