Real Estate Mediation

GreenPro is lucky to have people with real market experience on staff. During a listing, a mold issue can scare away potential buyers. It can also take the buying process to a halt.

GreenPro follows all guidelines to ensure no discrepancies in the performed work. The client also receives a certificate of completion stating we followed  said guidelines and that the process was EPA certified non-toxic. Finally the client receives a warranty. All are made out to the address, making them transferrable. These papers are designed to conform to the needs of an agent and the buyers.

"Building inspectors discovered mold in one of my residential listings. The buyer would not close until it was removed. Not only did they do an exceptional job, but their certificates and warranties were exactly what the buyer, his agent, and his lawyer were looking for. Any environmental issue that may arise I will count on them." - Kelly Dimbat, Real Estate Agent

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